Life, color, breath

Emiko Hanano, born in 1979, is a very dynamic artist/curator, known for her paintings through colors and multi media to express the beauty, strength and innocence of humans. She was born in Shanghai, in the French Concession, whilst eating Chinese dumplings and drinking Japanese Miso soup and speaking English in a colonial house, she was taught arts and crafting by her nanny, who came from the deep country side and could not write. So by the most natural means, using charcoal and crushed flowers for painting material she began painting.. 


She was raised between two countries after 1985 and soon built up an exceptional observation ability. She graduated from "Rikkyo University" in Japan in 2003, and continued her art studies in France and Italy. She loves to travel and meet peoplel and was considered as one of the most brave female travelers by her peers, for deep diving into the culture of the society she was traveling in. She is also a real Alpine Mountain climber and nature lover, she believes every unit connects to the universe and that`s the only truth of the pathway of time. Based on her vision of life, she started to connect her career into a form of creation, from fashion, life style concepting, branding and art curation, she even started a dynamic form of performance art to participate into the field. 

In 2009, on her first visit to Sri Lanka, she fell in love with the complex and dynamic setting of the island. Between the east and the west, the past and the future and most of all, the unlimited imagination possibilities that stems from this true gem of the Indian ocean. 

She keeps on reaching for the edge, to connect the individual into a unit of harmony and now as a new platform, she created "Co45 Studio", the latest international  boutique gallery in Colombo.

2006 [37.6℃]            Performance                     Paris 

2008 [Love talk]             Painting, Drawing               Art robe,Ginza,Tokyo

2008 [Circus]                Permenanat Installation         AIG Call Center Hall,Toyama

2009 [Innocent Meditaion]    Painting, Installation          Omotesando Hills,Tokyo

2010 [Birth/Innocent]        Painting                        Shanghai Spring Art Fair,Shanghai 

2011 Curation member of Shanghai Japan Art Village'          Bund 1919 Art Center,Shanghai

2011 [Innocent]              Painting                        Bund 1919 Museum,Shanghai 

2011 [Birth]                 Painting                        Cullin Gallery,Dublin

2013 [Lolipop dream]         Children's book                 Ehristaman Residence,Yokohama

2014 [Inhale under the       Painting                        Keyaki Cafe,Tokyo

      color of water]

2015 [Shout in Silence]      Painting & Installation         Nakameguro Gallery,Tokyo